I haven’t written for a while. My grammar and style have gone to hell. For that I make no apologies.

I have decided to revive this blog just to write about what I’m up to, or what is interesting me, or whatever. It’s entirely possible I’ll post some political rants, though my politics have shifted and evolved somewhat since I was last writing.

The right still call me a socialist and the left still call me a neoliberal. I would say I’m in the centre, a liberal in the tradition of Bertrand Russell, with a lick of F.A. Hayek, and a liberal helping of Peter Singer’s Darwinian leftism. I still slightly grudgingly vote for the Australian Greens, as they represent the sanest voices in Australian politics.

So, to kick things off, I will lay out my current interests and doings.

– I am still formally studying, albeit part time. My degree in progress is a bachelor of science in psychology and psychophysiology. In practice, it focuses on experiment and neuroscience occupies much of the coursework. I’m studying one subject this semester – statistics. I dig the shit out of this degree. There isn’t much more to say about it, except that I’d rather we use R instead of SPSS.

– Informally, I have developed something of a passion for learning languages. If anyone remembers my posting a memoir about my fifth greatest grandfather, this probably isn’t particularly surprising. I have smatterings of various languages, many of which have probably degraded, but at my focus right now is Russian. I had been studying Russian consistently since October last year, however I was distracted in the last month and have barely kept up with it. My 1600+ card Anki deck is in limbo, and my Russian is not great. I still read a little and think about it each day, but it is a horse I need to get back on.

– I would like to get into cybersecurity, specifically penetration testing. I did a lengthy stint as a mobile application developer, and upon termination of that arrangement, I had been unable to find work since. Browsing oDesk, I came to suspect that my skill set in development could be had far more cheaply through outsourcing. Penetration testing, while hard as balls, seems to be different – outsourcing penetration testing would be an idiotic thing to do. And, pragmatism aside, hacking is a lot of fun – probably the most fun you can have in front of a computer with your pants on. The rush of getting root is unparalleled. I am by no means ready to work yet, but I do practice, and practice often.

– Philosophy. My Facebook discussion group “Analytic Philosophy” is going quite strong, and as of writing the total number of members is approaching 10,000. The standard is stellar and my team of administrators rocks. I’ve learnt a lot through lurking and interacting with the other members and I’ve even had some of my own ideas. I threw one out there and a prolific and brilliant humbled the shit out of me by encouraging me to develop it. Clearly, I would be mad to not pursue this. I won’t name said great philosopher just yet because I don’t want it to reflect badly on said philosopher if I’m not up to the task of making the idea work.

I could go on, but it’s late and by no means am I going to limit myself to what’s listed above. Let’s see how I go with returning to blogging. Ideally, these entries will be short and frequent, and they will cover a wide range of topics.