My RedBubble store

Support this blog by buying this awesome gear! My 10% goes into the blog and bills and the like.

This fine apparel manifests in standard t-shirts, in a v-neck style, as long sleeve t-shirts, as “girly” fitted t-shirts or as hoodies.

The following designs are currently available:

  • “Aussie liberals for a liberal Liberal Party” + anti-conservative John Stuart Mill quote. (Two versions.)
  • “Not boring.” (White on dark.)
  • “There is no God.” (Black on light.)
  • “ANTITHEIST” (White on dark.)
  • “nuclear energy is green energy” + green atom. (Light+green on dark.)
  • “neurogeek” + resting potential neuron diagram. (Two versions.)
  • Dopamine molecule. (Black on light)
  • Norepinephrine molecule. (Black on light)
  • “green energy” + atom (Black+green on light.)
  • “your god not mine” + various cult symbols (two versions)
  • “It only took 13.7 billion years to make this.” (two versions)
  • DEAD THINKERS 1: Erwin Schrödinger’s head + “Erwin Schrödinger” (only available in black).
  • “FREETHINKER” (white on dark)
  • DEAD THINKERS 2: Charles Darwin
  • DEAD THINKERS 3: Wilhelm Wundt (possibly the only Wilhelm Wundt clothing item in existence).
  • “godless liberal” (two versions)

More on the way! Check it out!


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