Devinely inspired, again

Apparently [the] alarmist clock is still ringing on anthropogenic climate change – at least it is according to that paragon of scientific learning and wisdom, the inimitable Miranda Devine.

In response to her latest abuse of The Daily Telegraph’s server space, I posted a slightly edited version of the following comment:

So she acknowledges that 97-98% of climate scientists (this is known as a scientific consensus) believe that human activity is dangerously altering the climate, then she quotes one dissenting atmospheric physicist and one unqualified meteorologist (different from climatologist, GOOGLE IT) on the subject. Good work Miranda. Two dissenting opinions against how many qualified climatologists? You’re a journalist, you tell me. I am, after all, a mere student.

This probably looks to those who suffer the same pathological parochialism as Miranda like an egregious display of bigotry or intolerance. Do you lot also find the physicists who refer to well-established equations that describe gravity and the laws of motion intolerant to any cretinous prejudices you each might hold about the way matter moves through space and time? Or, as with climate science, are you all simply annoyed that you clearly lack the cognitive acumen and education to comprehend how and why those esoteric-looking numbers and symbols work?

Also, the charge of “superstitious nonsense” is a bit rich coming from a self-professed Catholic. I mean, don’t you people actually believe that magical words turn a cracker and wine into the flesh and blood of the mythological victim of a 2,000 year old human sacrifice?

I think my favourite part of Devine’s dizzying screed was when she called Al Gore’s outrageous displays of sound evidence which plainly contradicts the claims of deniers “insidious”. Yes, evidence, obviously the work of the devil. And besides, as Homer Simpson has aptly pointed out: facts are meaningless, you can use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true; facts shmacts.


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